WPO Vid Compilation + If only + Bloghopping

As always, i woke up late. was stuck this wee-morning at slice 13 (of 25 slice i think) of youtubed "If Only" movie. then helped out my baby on her blog. we find it buggy as its sidebar goes down the left-area when the posts is longer than the height of the sidebar. we decided to trim down the default view page to two-per-page for the meantime. she was also watching the if only "bitin" edition while i was doing her blog.

World Pyro Olympics 2007 Poell's VCD
late lunch. instead of the usual brb for my pc, i decided to start the burn process of my World Pyro Vcd Compilation. Damn It. Been doing it since yesterday night but i couldnt get it right – only because it gives me an error after nero realize that that the CD is low in space. i could have been prompted earlier. not after encoding the vid. imagine a half and an hour wait.. errr waste of time.

still excited about the movie. (yeah right, actually some music video of the movie spoiled my excitement this early morning – where i saw how the movie ends) i decided to rent a copy at Video City. Just before i turn off my monitor, bigboy called. He’ll be coming. FINALLY. (after posting a pay-me-now! msg at his tagboard last night lol)

then bigboy arrived at the rental shop a minute after us.  borrowed If Only, Seeing Double and Just My Luck.

If Only
Hurriedly went home to see and conclude on the bitin movie i started this morning. As always, na-absorb ko nanaman ung movie. Krissy and Ramsey was right, Its a feel good movie and "its a movie na when you watch, babait ka sa partner mo" it does. i missed yeyek 🙁 — miss her alot more this time emoticon

Did nothing in the afternoon except for bloghopping. I shared my thoughts on abe’s fake 2nd Gen iPod Nano, adored anton’s WPO photos, and lastly replying to my growing WPO Videos at Youtube.

Night y’all!