World Pyro Olympics Day 5

“parang lahat ng tao sa pilipinas nasa mall of asia kagabi”

well literally. imagine people all the way from antipolo, marikina, laguna and even gen. santos came down to manila just to witness the the conclusion of 2nd Pyro Olympics. My mom arranged a small picnic together with our neighbors from R. Palma. Mom cooked her special spag and lots of ham sandwiches. Plus a sack full of ridges, piatos and other chips. (statistically last night at the van, orange ridges is more preferred than the green one)

Macapagal road was stranded by hundreds of cars. FOR REAL. even the sound bound lane was dominated by the north-bound motorists just to get near mall of asia. We left the oldies at the van. Youngsters (me, nica, nico, ate cris and vanessa) took a walk instead.

China’s Videos
part 1 of 2
part 2 of 2

On china: they might predominate the competition as i may say. they have the biggest advantage as the last competing contender. Same as Canada, they executed thier timing perfectly. You gotta love the low proximities. they have huge colorful sets of petals with coconut tree, gold wave white strobe, peony green strobe and gold silver waves. Strobes are their favorite. The finale is fantastic! something similar to Disney’s Fantasia…

And for the Kick-Ass Philippines’ Exhibition, let the videos speak for themselves.

Part 1 of 2
gotta love the whistles at the 4:30 timeline

Part 2 of 2