WPO 2007 Day 4 – Denmark v Canada

Between the two, id pick Canada. They have huge chance of making it to the top 3 together with the Aussies and US. Denmark would have been nice but something went wrong during thier first 5 minutes. There was a huge delay and i think something went wrong with thier wirings. What they did was they just fired all the “delayed” shells and its like an early “finale”… it was a still sight to see…

And Canada, it was thier night. They knew thier stuff. The execution, timing and sync are good. The wallops and leaves where used well. They have lots of 12’s and 16’s. Wtf, they litted the sky so bright for about half a minute. Compared to Denmark, Canada has one of the best low proximity pyros.

Denmark 1/2

Denmark 2/2

Canada 1/2

Canada 2/2

btw, videos are actually shot without a cut but youtube wont allow to upload videos longer than 10mins. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to WPO 2007 Day 4 – Denmark v Canada

  1. ramsey says:

    nde ako makasama! text ninyo na lang ako kapag start. punta ako sa bubong namin 😀

  2. poell says:

    sayang hehe…

    si mama nag set ng picnic eh… sagot nya ung sasakyan…

    treat ko naman sila sa ticket shet… 15 ata kame… 100 din isa un

  3. alexa says:

    15 kyo pong? hmmm di ko ata alam to ah? chaka may bayad pla manood ng pyro olympics hehe di ko alam!

    down parin ang site. tinaya ko ang limang milyon ko para sa USA dapat clang manalo bwahahaha!

  4. poell says:

    9 lang kaming natuloy… kasama sila ate joe (ung sa store). sila ramsey kasi nde sumunod…

    wala paring official press release ung winner… wala man lang contingency plan ung nag sponsor ng site ng WPO.

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