Guess what…

My goodlooking brother almond joy never looked so "interested" with this pictures. Guess right what he’s looking at and ill give out a free hosting package from Technoville.Net

For real! 

6 Responses to Guess what…

  1. ramsey says:

    just like the old days… nico always playing as Mr. Bean of cre4tiveminds. lolz

  2. manilenya says:

    wow naman!! free hosting 🙂

  3. poell says:

    mr bean hahaha…

    no kidding sa free hosting 😛 make a guess dali!

  4. ramsey says:

    manilenya : diba magaling kang mang amoy ng bading? paki amoy naman si ano!

  5. anaokulu says:

    mr bean hahaha…
    wow naman!! free hosting 😛

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