WPO 2007 – Australia v Poland

(thats short for World Pyro Olympics)

I really dont know how to start this blog as im still star-strucked with the Fireworks turned celebrity last night. (yeah, if u were one of those lemming like people who witnessed the ohhhhhhhh, whoaaaa, woooooow and the likes last night, you know what im talking about) ill upload a video of the aussies’, WPO Defending champ.

Without second thoughts, Me, Mom, Nico, Joan, Ram and Johna went to MOA to witness the event they say "The Greatest Show in World". The plan was to get a spot at the Mojito Bay – But it was fully booked. All the Resto and Bar at the Esplanade Side are fully booked.

Esplanade Park was "wall’ed" as it was reserved for the Php 100 ticket holders. (which turn out to be free if you present a receipt with a Minimum 100 Pesos purchase)


We got a nice spot just beside the wall. Well only for the mean time… we saw the aussie’s pyro at that spot. Check out the video ill post in a while. For the mean time be amazed with this unique 4-Layer-Ring Pyro

After the 1st wave of the Australian pyro’s, we decided to check Mojito Bay, luckily they are allowing us to enter North Wing Bar and  Restaurant area but its jammed-packed still.

Ramsey on the Ground floor, continue the to get a couple mineral water while me and Nico are scouting for a nice spot – FINALLY, we were lucky to get a 5 person table at Perks Coffee House.


My mom loves the food we ordered. Di daw kasi maalat.

Check out the crowd (clickable) L-R : From Northwing to Southwing

For more of my pics :


To Day 2 or not to Day 2 … That is the question lol emoticon