“Family Goes First”

Yeah, clearly as it says…

Many friends have been insisting me t owatch the movie "Click" starring Adam Sandler and my Serendipity crush Kate Bekinsale. Well here i am "feeling nice" as ive seen another a really feel good movie – this time early in the morning. Yeah, we got home late from Day 1 Pyro Olympics back at MOA. Left MOA at 11pm and got home at 1am. Ive never been in a traffic that late. (ok ill blog about this in a while, perhaps when i wake up later)

FAMILY GOES FIRST. That’s what i learned with this movie. If you’re a busy kinda guy, so carreer-oriented, work-a-holic. I DARE YOU to spare at least 2 hours alone or with someone special to watch this movie.

If youre a numb kinda sh*t, then just get the hell out of my blog. lolz…

No kidding hehehe, If ramsey and Johna wasnt around, i would have been sniffing my hanky, crying. For real, anybody who havent seen this piece, u really need some time out.

Anyway, i dont know what im saying here all in all but i just want to encourage u to have some time to watch that – and if you do, id be the first guy to commend you on the next thing/person you’ll be spending time with emoticon

Given the sagging stock market, billionaires should be as hard to find in Florida these days as a happy Oakland Raiders fan.

So much for logic. Despite tough financial times, Florida is home to 10 of the nation’s 222 and the world’s 476 billionaires, says the new annual ranking by Forbes magazine. That’s up three from the seven billionaires who called Florida home last year.

Here are the Sunshine State’s 10 billionaires, richest first: Micky Arison; Daniel Abraham, Robert Rich Sr.; H. Wayne Huizenga; James Moran; George Lindemann Jr. from Florida; Arthur Williams; James C. France and William France Jr.; and Mark McCormack.

Continue reading them here. You, I, We, might be one of them someday. You never know.