Happy Birthday!

Im a big fan of Katrina Halili 😉

getting a nose job like her’s? questions you might wanna ask your chosen surgeon before you undergo the procedure:
* What percentage of your patients are satisfied with your work?
* I understand that even the best surgeons have complications. What is your revision rate?
* What specific types of complications have you had in rhinoplasty?
* Please give me examples of the types of revisions you have needed to do on your patients?
* May I see examples of your work both primary and revision rhinoplasty?
* May I speak with a patient who has undergone revision rhinoplasty by you in the last few years?
* Will I need grafting material? Where do you expect to obtain this material?

Revision Rhinoplasty a clinic specializing in corrective nose surgery. More information can be found by clicking on this link: revision rhinoplasty