Happy New Year!

(my first journal entry)


Yeah, last night was one of this unforgettable New Year’s Eve for me. It’s perhaps one of the expensive New Year’s we had. (prestige wise speaking)

My family and I scored a couple of nice pyros at the mall of asia the other day – and it sure is "nice" as its price is high as it is.
Pic1249.jpg Pic1250.jpg

Some of it are bought over the market, gotta love the NY rush sale 😉 But all in all, it was hell of a price tag. And as i always say, its not something that you’ll "panghihinayangan" with since New Years Eve, happens only – once a year.

So much of it, ill try to put up some videos we took using my fone.

After the fireworks, we took a late dinner. My mom always cook special chicken and beef mami every new year’s eve. Its an addicting mami soup i swear.

I almost spent the whole night staying online, but something – not really bad happened. So i did sleep, against my will (coz i have to)

Woke up late, ate a bowl of soup and a piece of espresso brownie. Then slept again.

I woke up and i remember that we got an invite from Kay yesterday that her family have a little get together every January 1st of the year.  I have nothing much to do so i decided to come. Rocky, Nico and I left a minute pass 2:30.

We had a lot of fun. I was playing with my inaanak… she’s really funny saying "auff". The food at the small party was awesome… Fettuccini, Chicken BBQ, Turkey, Ham, Pansit molo and lots more…

We were like only 12 and it seems like everyone’s a "kapuso" and "kapamilya". Kay’s boyfriend, cousins, brother, pamangkin etc was around … we played "pinoy henyo" and it was sure is fun as we were laughing out loud… we didnt win the game but one thing sure is we did win a friend 😉

They served wine and alcohol after a while but i really am not feeling good so i decided to go home early. Id love to stay but my throat and tummy are f*cking killing my poise.

I cant even sleep right now since i keep on spitting 😐 those "trangkaso" symptoms i hate. well, i hope the huge can of pineapple juice that i sipped plus a pair of neozep helps me feel better.

Also, im waiting for the "organize crime" schedule for our CB game so im keeping myself up. I just saw the movie "American Dreamz" and im watching the Longest Yard right now…

Till then, Happy New Year