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Free Movies Online from

Good things never last so im sharing this now :

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Movies ive seen here…
The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift
40 Year Old Virgin
If Only

Disclaimer : I am not in anyway related or affiliated to or any person thereof so to endorse and make money out of it is not my type of job 🙂

A-Z Movie Lists :

Something borked my blog x_x

Yes. That was the reason why i put this blog offline for almost a day. Thank God i have back up servers that i can migrate sites to whatever host i choose too.

Until now, I have not figured out what causes this issue – except that it all started when i upgraded my WP 2.0.7 to WP 2.1 Ella. I have several install of WP Old that I upgraded too but this thing happened ONLY at my If it’s bugging my blog, it does bug me too, you know:|

Nuff said, what matters now is that im back and i learned a lot from it. I learned to tail, to tar, to gzip, to restart, to ls -s, to netstat apn, and so on… Things i usually dont use everyday…

While waiting for my site’s address to be binded to the new host IP, I just kept my self busy with the latest blog project i spearheaded. Id like to invite everyone to please support GandangPinay.Com – A niche photoblog of Filipina Beauties. Showcasing Philippines’ Finest Celebrity Faces and Personalities!

Not to forget that i was also busy with the lapsed IDS redesign project and the “Wine” task i got from my boss yesterday.

I heart me because i heart my job 😛

Former JPCS Officer

or should i say Starcity Troopers… i bumped into them at SM Bacoor last Saturday on my way to Makati.

Former President Ronald, Former Asst. Treasurer (or Auditor) Alen , and Former Secretary Fiona

Yours truly, former VP External Affairs Took the pic 😛

I was suppose to follow them after my parteeh but something came up and ronald has to go home. I heard rumors about a fight – with his gf 😛

Kickass Blog Parteeh! 2007 Aftermath

Here’s My version of Link Love and Party Feedback
(and yes, i keep on updating it!)

i am still in shock. and and its obvious that i left my star-stucked brain at the venue and i keep on talking about raffle and freebies 😀

well who wouldnt … i may not be as lucky as Janep! who was the star-of-the night to win the iPOD Video (from the good guys at Entropia) that everyone has been craving for, yet i wasnt empty handed when i left the building 😛


My Bag of goodies includes :

  • Wifi Card – from e-yellow pages
  • Pretty cool and i mean cool USB Fan – Again from EYP
  • 3 Pcs. Magazine from Hinge Publication
  • A FREE BURN Music Magazine subscription – again from Hinge
  • Life changing books (with autograph) “How to find your one true love” – (currently reading this one) and “You can make your life beautiful” from best selling author Bo Sanchez
  • A GMA Mug from GMA New Media Inc. (ampf you retz! i wasnt brain sick… im neither a kapamilya or kapuso… same as you i dont brand myself… i love kim chiu and i heart katrina halili)
  • A cool name badge
  • Last but not the least – A 50$ worth Starwars Trilogy DVD from Globe. May the force be with you too! Salamat 😛 Sa Globe talaga posible…

and some stuff NOT on my lootbag 😐 and still craving to have…

  • Ipod video
  • JBL speaker
  • shirt
  • adobe stuff (ie. mug, shirt) –
  • wine.
  • box of krispy kreme x_X

My Trying Hard Photoblog and Captions :

Bigtime Bloggers - aka Celebrity Bloggers
Bigtime Bloggers (L-to-R excluding me) : Retz the pinoybigblogger, in iblog shirt Pierre aka jester-in-Exile and main man Abe in the flesh of

poell with Malou Mangahas, Editor in Chief of iGMATV
Poell with Malou Mangahas, Editor-in-Chief of iGMATV

poell with lolz!
Poell w/ Ms. Aileen of Google Philippines

sweet couples Dotep! and Niknok

Table Buddies
Table Buddies Me, Niknok and LA of artworks101

table buddies...
Darwin of Juicelog

magic moments?
Bestselling author Bo Sanchez (left) amazed with Wave 89.1 Dj Marcelle (right) forkforming errrr performing street magic.

Alexa's Deli
Sign of Destiny! Hahaha… i took this pic not because i ate here or it has something to do with the parteeh.. no.. no.. ok yes, i just learned they (organizers) took a coffee break here right after they left the venue. I took this pic because it’s named after my inspiration, my destiny?, my girl – clara alexa 😛

Bits of Stories :

I notice i have not a single picture of my other 2 table buddies, let me “bida” them here and post them first 😛

  • Doctora Tess – My seat mate to the right, sorry i wasnt able to reach out with you for a pic. but hey, we did have a couple of conversation 😉 Let’s wait for the other’s photo album… im 100% sure we have a good group shot there. Don’t forget the thing about Blogtoprofit!
  • Aldrin– Family Man … Mr. Naruto… thanks for sharing those luxurious offers from working with accenture… i wish i had a similar offer with my current in-house job haha… thanks for tagging along after the parteeh…
  • Gener – first to tag at my blog after the parteeh 😉
  • Jayvee (I must, agree UMA!-look-alike! – Retz) Told yah he looks like uma. Nice of you to put up Jeremy Wright’s message to the Filipino Bloggers.
  • Haravata – for those great pictures! i can see my band aid in it 😛
  • ganns – for that remarkable bubba gump gc
  • shari – my fellow blogparteeh-site-commentator hekhek… nice to meet you shari 😉
  • tina – receptionist ? 😛 nice to meet you too early at the lobby!
  • Liz – Designpeople 😛 Nice to meet you fellow weaver 😉

i know i have lots of people to add yet, but my not-so-photographic memory is as dumb as i am. flame me at my tag board or here and ill definitely link u up 😉

Unkowingly, this was last night’s Bestest… Grandest… Hugest Prize… which all of us have not in our bags –
Winning a new found friends 🙂

BlogParteeh! 2007 Friends List
My sincere Kudos and Congratulations to everyone… organizers, sponsors, donors, and US/WE/TAYO — Bloggers. We wouldnt have this parteeh if we didn’t exist anyway 😉

God Bless us all in our online and offline ventures…

Peace and Love!
– poell

Recover Files

FELLOW BLOGGERS You might find this entry useful!

Whatever your media (MMC, Flash Disks, Broken Diskettes, Scratched CD, etc.) Even if your file was deleted or it has been formatted for like 5-7 times, DONT LOSE HOPE! MERONG HIMALA (english : there’s a miracle!)


Believe me, I just did. This morning i took a pictures of my stuff i got from Blog Parteeh last night. When I was about to transfer it, Meralco did what they love to do – POWER FAILURE. I have no idea what time it’ll be back, i decided to sleep. I woke up with my dad shouting that he needs the camera. so i took it from my desk, deleted the pictures, and gave it to him with a smile 🙂

After 20 minutes when my PC boots up, I realize something is missing. THE PICTURES of my FREEBIES! This is pure “Alimpungatan” I was in shock for a minute. Then i realize … *pfffft* i can get these pictures in 5 minutes

Recovering Deleted Files -
During the recovery process…

Recovering Deleted Files -
I was able to recover 133 Files our Sony Digital Cam Memory stick (i only need 9 files)

BadCopy Pro saved the day!

We’ve known this method for about 4 years ago. Base on my friends’ experiences. CEH (Cert. Ethical Hacker) Chris Chavez, demonstrated this during the EC Council Security Summit (Disaster Recover Topic) last September 2006.