my bud’s first WordPress Plugin

yeah, Ramsey Ramos did it again (well even for the first time, id say he did it again – He just love to code and code and code). FYI, a couple of weeks ago we did a collaboration on design + code and we come up with a dynamic image or what we call coded pix. you guys watch out for it!

Enough said. Now he did a simple weather plugin for wordpress and it sure is cute on your sidebar. You’ll find the download link at his blog at 


Its really cool to have a friend and a mentor around – who could really do hard code in DEEDS – and not just by words alone 😉 yeah, there are some lurkers around the net that really exists as if they’re hardcore programmers or developers or designers or someone so big — yeah right. we call this people whatevers.

They just sound good yet they suck. – what worst is, in the end you’ll find out that these people are faggots.

9 Responses to my bud’s first WordPress Plugin

  1. Ramsey Ramos says:

    thank dude! Stop saying blind items named it! I think one of those people is like John ***** R***s. for the second time ill say this again “Why do God allowed this kind of people messin around”

  2. Ramsey Ramos says:

    John ***** R***s of my*******.ph (former owner of *****

  3. poell says:


    well balance of nature i guess. i think we’re those unlucky ones who got struck of this un-necessary people.

    by the way, did you got your actual phone back?

  4. jsonv says:

    cmon guys its xmas anyway… wht not forgive and forgets…

    newey this whatever your pointing out is filing you a lawsuit? what about that?

  5. poell says:

    what matters here is who is right and who is not… i guess we can count u out here jasonv, its still 4 against 1.

    what ? libel ? is this a desperate act? dare us dude 😛

    what about this, forgery, and falsification of important documents. metrobank involve… do u think metro-B would tolerate this ? with some fancy tech. support name on it ?

    oh another: several counts of estafa… not from me alone ok… someone even in SF, Ca.

    i wished i could say more lol this lady youre talking about doesnt know what she is talking about dude…

    id say tell her to get a life before she gets some fancy lawsuit…

  6. jsonv says:

    the class is now on session….

  7. poell says:

    di ata kilala nito si mang nick at si atty. calibuso hahaha…

  8. Ramsey Ramos says:

    may naalala lang ako kase siya na din nagsabi once na hindi nakuha after DECEMBER 8. saka ako magpuputak! tsk tsk tsk. baka ibig sabihin nya DECEMBER 8 2007

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