my bud’s first WordPress Plugin

yeah, Ramsey Ramos did it again (well even for the first time, id say he did it again – He just love to code and code and code). FYI, a couple of weeks ago we did a collaboration on design + code and we come up with a dynamic image or what we call coded pix. you guys watch out for it!

Enough said. Now he did a simple weather plugin for wordpress and it sure is cute on your sidebar. You’ll find the download link at his blog at 


Its really cool to have a friend and a mentor around – who could really do hard code in DEEDS – and not just by words alone 😉 yeah, there are some lurkers around the net that really exists as if they’re hardcore programmers or developers or designers or someone so big — yeah right. we call this people whatevers.

They just sound good yet they suck. – what worst is, in the end you’ll find out that these people are faggots.