(my) Best Gift for 2006

Christmas day hasnt arrived yet but i could say i already got the best give for this year.

A couple of months ago, i was able to score a Nokia n70  fone from a friend of which i am eye’ing to have till Christmas… That day i said,  prestige-wise of course,  i dont need anything no more this Yuletide. (except the wish that yeyek would come here lolz)

I started to feel that Christmas spirit is early on me 😉

Anyway, that’s not the gift i am saying… its the package i got this morning (c/o GN) from the prettiest and ‘nicest’ girl i ever known (except from my mom and sis of course) — alexa.

I have been silently excited and waiting for this since yeyek said that i got a present from her.

Its a 9 page album of sweet thoughts and pictures of us while she was still here in PI. What could be more sweet than something she did – with her tight schedules and work, she managed to come up with what i can say : the best gift i got this Yuletide 2006


Gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Whatever the occasion is, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. Best gifts are those that doesn’t come with price tags – they are those little things, that comes from the heart.

Yeki! – Thanks not only for being the best girl i have, but thanks just for being the best thing that ever happened to me… as what hallmark card says… I Love You so much… across the miles.

Merry Christmas Yeki and Happy Holidays Everyone!

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  1. […] Last night, i was reading hundred of Alexa’s text messages. I could hardly see sign of her going cold. She use to love me. So much Would you believe i brought along her letters and our scrapbook she made for me? […]

  2. saintnick says:

    thanks for thats, how are you doing for this xmas? i took your reccomendation and purchased a
    proximate for my wife


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