KotW Meeting / Cyberpark Virgin

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Yesterday i went out early for another meeting with the founding committee of the Knights of the Web. It was a privilege to be a part of its core. The meeting went well, BTW i wasnt the LATEST among the attendee! it was dave hehe… (the first meeting, it was I :P, on the second, i was absent)

Though we are overflowing with agenda, the food i can say is OVERFLOWING din! and galante 😛 bread and pastries from *bucks. I commend the People at Trend Micro as they are very hospitable, ‘Di nila kami pinabayaan… Maam Nicky and Sir Dondon… emoticon

I wish i could say more about the Knights but, ill wait further as we are still in the process of building this promising National organization…

However, if youre a member of the Knight, i encourage you to come and invite more to come at the Camelot Hotel, Quezon City this December 18, 2006 for our Christmas party – Contact 02-637-3657 / 63-921-532-8150 for more information.

Last pic (Richard in red and Chris Chavez with cap) was taken at the Cyber Mall where Internet costs 70 per hour. We got our ass online for 19 minutes because sir richard has to show something for us. (which costed 17 pesos if im not mistaken) 

The place was like a haven for Call Center. Dami namin nakitang agents.

Collectively, they call the whole place Cyberpark. And my title says it right. Im a virgin at that place (specifically in Libis)