A Crime that is Addicting

yeah. ive been busy with school stuff, new encounters, and this very addicting game my gf alexa intruduced me : CrimeBloc
If youre into real world gaming genre, youll love this. Crew/Clans, Gambling, Slots, Roulettes, Stock Market, Trading, Gambling, Organzie Crime, etc. are just a few of those things you’ll enjoy.

The game aint like those ps3, nintendo wii games… heavy graphics, pretty sounds, and costly.

CrimeBlock is textbased, and the excitment is all in the game.

Its a pretty nice outlet to bad since the game is more on CrimeManagement

I intruduced this to some people of different walks and all of them are INN-to-the-game.

You can reach us out at our fun forum www.technoville.net/fun, the place we discuss these online games we play.

Join us and be as we gradually build an ALL FILIPINO CREW/Clan to overthrow the other players!

Regster now!


CrimeBloc, a modern day mafia style game set in Russia and Eastern Europe has launched! Your mission is to become the most feared and respected Crime Boss in the Game. Kill everyone who gets in your way, take over the Casino’s, plot against other Crews, let nothing get in your way of ultimate domination!

With a fast growing population, you will find it easy to mix with other players. CrimeBloc, already extremely active has just moved to a new dedicated server so you will have a ‘lagless’ experience online. With new features being added regularly, CrimeBloc is simply the best in online mafia-gaming!
Genre: RPG
Platform: Linux | Mac | Windows
Client Type: Browser
Interface: Text Based
Time Delta: Turn Based
Status: Beta – Open
ESRB Rating: NR
Massively Multiplayer: No

Software: Free
Subscription: Free