yeah i was terribly disrupted because of bagyong milenyo. but we got our power and datalines back 5 days after the typhoon.

thats all. all our roof’s intact.

— its one hell of an experience. the moa blue wave rush just to get our phones’ power back. well those are for free. here in the city —  cant forget that 20 bucks per charge (generator powered restos). Especially our neighbor who got thier power back 3 days after and yet still charges 20 per hour.

what else, ahhhhh the everyday take a bath scenario. yeah, i remember that we (me and my bro) use to call each other "wapali" when we dont take shower for a day. but not during the power black-out. we are — FRESH! every day… it just sucks coz u have to make igib sa poso.

HAHAHA CONIO! im not like that 😉 just entertaining u guys hehehe… i miss blogging honestly… hehehehehe ok back to milenyo

ok thats all for now i guess.  dont wanna think about more of that dilemma.

here’s a couple of shots here in cavite city and novelata. head on to and search for keyword "milenyo".  ull be surprised by the aftermath pictures from other places like baywalk, makati and manila.


Also Check this PICTURE from Gen. Trias, Cavite. (use IE only, wont work with FF)