von voyage cuz!

awww vacations over for my cuzins’ rd and alvin.. (of course with tita ibe and kuya ine too)

we’ll be going to the airport early 2:30am tomorrow. yeah… hatid namin sila. actually we just got home from vfl subd., noveleta. had a little family despedida and we helped them out packed thier stuffs. I dont know what’s with me but im loving fishes for the past few days – even weeks. specially daing na galunggong. YUMMY!!! emoticon


anyway, me and my bro had a little chat with cuzin alvin… here’s some nice things id like to share and i find it interesting.

  • 6.75$ Per hour is the minimum wage. Lower than that is illegal and they call it "under the table."
  • There’s no volcano in California (as opposed to the movie Volcano). Tita Ibe works near at the place where it was shot (the fountain spot)
  • Hurricanes Tornado dont hit L.A. it happens it the mid-east part of the country.
  • Sale or Out-of-Style is after 6 months an item was released. Billabong/Quiksilver prices goes down from $24+ up to a 1 digit 9$ and below price mark.
  • Its prohibited to build houses made of concretes. They say it’ll collapse on earthquakes.
  • This is quite interesting : The "white" ones doesnt want to do stuff like wiping some others’ asses (and more things that nurses do) thats why they prefer other races like asians, mexicans, etc. No wonder they say "nursing" is in demand.

the other things i learned was quite general and i need not to cite some of it.