pag ang isang lalake playboy, asahan mo masarap magmahal.
lalo na pag seryoso na sa girl.
pag umiyak di plastik.
di gaya ng iba jan, kunware desente,
pero patago kung mambabae.

i find this quote true. though nde ako playboy. (ako ung disente) hehe just kidding! 😉 

12 Responses to playboy

  1. VeeJei says:

    hayup! 😀 siyet!!!!!!! totoo yan!!!! putangina!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (buti naman nag-update.. wahehehe!)

  2. Ramsey Ramos says:

    wit wiw! yeah boy! alin ka ba dun? disente ba? o dun sa playboy? ako kase dun sa disente eh… minsan lang mambabae… pero ngayon seryoso ako talaga..

  3. ate sheila.... says:

    naku pare-pareho lang kayo, iba -iba lang ang ways nyo….may desenteng bastos,may bastos na desente… see binaligtad lang but still pareho pa din…but the thing is,when you love someone ( they say!!!) expect mo na ang ma hurt!!!!( kahit b???s??t)kasama daw yun….for you young lovers…love is not that simple,it is only a four letter word but it comes with a lot of responsibilities, trust,respect…if you miss one of those it won’t work…at all

  4. poell says:

    kaya mahal na mahal ko si alexa eh…

    its true that ull learn from your mistakes. i did.

  5. poell says:

    and nde ako playboy btw! di rin ako disente. im just yeyek’s guy.

  6. ate sheila.... says:

    huh,nabola mo nanaman si yek…joke!!!

  7. poell says:

    i did not. 🙂

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