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since someone at my tag insisted to have an update… THEN fine!

First thing first, id like to greet my Personal Computer – "Havaiana"  its first year anniversary! (august 8) (i intentionally took off the S so dont come tagging i mispelled it"

i actually forgot it, just remembered it last 16 when we were eating at the daingan. i was so pre occupied with thoughts of me and yeyek coz its also our 2 Year, 6th month anniversary on the 9th.

here’s a quote from my post last year…


all this time ive been using and exploiting "babyblue" – my old workstation. pentium 3, 550 mhz, 40mb hd, 384mb memory and 32mb video card and a 14 inch monitor. , no cd, no sounds. 😐

and finally, HAVAIANA’s here. my very own pc. as in my own. i prayed for this, planned for this. ive worked hard for this. and now its real. bigger and better than my previous buddy babyblue. pentium 4, 2.66mhz, 80gig hard drive, 256mb video card, 512mb mem, and huge 19inch samsung monitor. cool huh ?


This is how she looks like a year ago :

and this is how she looks now…

here’s my complete blog last year about it 😉

anyway nothing new actually. no new havs. here’s some activity flashback for the past few days…

Aug 16 (Wednesday)
Left home at 3:02. and was at 6750 Ave at 4:53.

I was again at my so called "Microsoft Office" (not the real name of the place though)… but yeah, its the hub office of Microsoft Philippines, 6750 Avenue, Makati City.

For the past talk/seminar, yesterday was the best for me. MSDN: Red-Green-Refactor: Test-Driven Development with .NET. I learned a lot about the key importance of testing in the development arena. and indeed… its one of the most taken-for-granted part. and hell yeah… i finally got the itch to butt it in in every project ill be doing. thanks to sir andre of Philippine .NET Users Group for that very absorbing talk. More power and hoping to have you at our campus for some great talk 😉

We went home early. And did trip on jayson. He was suppose to come but as usual he didnt. He’s always like that — "drawing". We decided to have fun on him… i txted him to follow us at Mojito Bay, Mall of Asia — But for real, we’re on a van on our way home hehehe… We got off the van and decided to go to SM Bacoor… Lucky Jayson he was around 😐 he spoiled our trip on him emoticon though he said he was on his way to sm mall of asia hehehe…

That didnt stop us on our "revenge" though… He treated us instead… Shawarma, Pamasahe, A pair of Tuna, Sky Flakes, Chips, Ice and a Case of 24 San Mig Lights! We ended up unwinding at our crib. and eating daing late at 2am. AND GETTING REALLY FULL with 3 to 5 servings of friend rice 😛 (i just got 4, ram has 5)

Aug 12 (Saturday)
Rufo-Gacuya Mall of Asia Day Out

The itenerary was to go to the mall, stroll, eat and watch the fireworks. It wasnt followed. What really happened was : stroll, play games, ate at Gerry’s Grill, stroll again, and watched Superman Imax. It was my 2nd time to see the movie – and the 2nd time to imax.

MOA was packed with events that time. Adidas Streetball challenge was there. First Day Funk Concert and Kamikazee was at the parking lot doing some show.

It was an exhausting day actually. We got flat just before we left the mall on our way to Ate Linda’s condo.  

a shot if imax theater. 8 storey high.

trippin’ around sm applicances

the rufo-gacuya family : george "kuya ine", tita dhebie "ate ibe", rd and alvin

playing air hockey at power station





i love the f1 car emoticon




more pictures here

thats it for an update! im late now.. im on my way to marikina to get some stuff 😉 peace out and love you yek! yiheeeeeee

central dispatch how may i help you ? 😛  


(haha nosebleed! purong english!)


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