December 2003 + MSEvents.PH

AM (UMAGA Malamang hehe)

House, Appartment C

Nothing much happened in the morning. well except for the reminisce session with alexa. She asked if i still have the irc chat logs way back 2003 when i was still "flirting" with her hehehe… im quoting some line of it :

Session Start: Wed Dec 31 14:08:43 2003
Session Ident: alexa^_^

me asking yeyek’s num (i got 2 numbers, her real contact num… and some random bogus number)
uy uy
bkt bkt?
ano na number mo
un prn
anong num ?
di ko b nbgy syo un dati?
i lost it
chaka bago na din num ko eh…
ahh ok
penge qoute
* alexa^_^ wlng load…

srp fruit salad…
kunware ka pa, ayaw mo lang ibigay number mo
gusto m?
dcc mo
pnta ka d2 bgyan kta
yoko na
iligaw mo pa ko
baka ibang address ibigay mo

New Year Lines
anong oras na jan sa inyo ?
sinasabay ko sa relo ng fone ko
para sabay tayo mag new year
oo ganun
sa pc ung oras na un eh
e2 nlng 2:36
pra sa cel ko din
yan.. parehas tayo

Salad II
dami kayo food ?
la nga eh
poor kc kme
kick ban gusto mo ?
kanina pa prutprut salad ka na lang jan eh
di nmn mysdo mrmi fud d2
mdmi dun sa lola ko
pnta kme dun mya
pnta ka nga d2 bbgyan kta!
layu layo kaya nga bayan nyo sa bayan namin
chaka kung malapit naman.. NAKAKAHIYA
may hya ka pala?
lolz joke
lpt lng kya cavite sa gentri

Cavite City
san ka nga ba sa cavite?
cavite city
why po?
alam ko
san dun
bat mo ask ?
wg na nga…
la na kc matanong
ikaw nga eh

Thats it! that was just a small part of it 😉 it was fun though kasi we were like "kids" at heart that time. haay i missed her so much. (i dont know if she feels that too)

So if you wanted to feel how good it is to have some old transcripts, start saving your logs! be it YM, AOL, IRC or whatever… it would really come handy someday emoticon

PM (Afternoon hanggang Gabi… PM nga eh )
Office & Exchange Rooms, Microsoft Philippines, Inc., 16th Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 


Eto medio di boring na entry, may pics kasi hehe.

2:45 Got off the appartment. Nag tricycle kami from house to SSCR. dun ako nag bus.

(pic before leaving the house)

4:00 EDSA / Taft Area, kumain ako saglet sa mcdo

4:35 Got off mickey D. I took the MRT
4:55 Didnt wait for Ramsey, i went straight to Office & Exchange room, 16th Floor 6750 Ayala Ave. I thought i was late.

Ramsey arrived 10 minutes after me. The talk was just starting.

The topic wasnt as technical as the session we attended before. The snack was good! Garlic Bread and Carbonara. The certificate rocks! And the distribution was cool… roll call… parang graduation hehe…

here are some post-seminar pictures at mall of asia :


That’s where we use to hang out, Mojito Bay Mall of asia. That SM picture was the laser show at 10. I was talking to alexa at the last 2 pictures.

We were suppose to go home early but it rained.

it rained hard when we’re at bacoor area. windows were closed. thank God there was this boy-girl at the bus that was entertaining us hahaha… around 17-18 age bracket. the girl was singing, the guy was sick and with runny-nose… they were really funny but out-of-place-sweet hehehe

"Daingan" as wecall this place (near lilings) it opens 12mn to 4am only.

Thats it! got home pass 2am i guess 🙂 

Feeling : Sh*tty. Incomplete. Hungry.
Doing: Phil. Airlines Special Meal Trans. System Mockup
Listening to : Avril_Lavigne_(Let_Go)_02_-_Complicated.mp3
Talking to : Gab, Jayson, Ram, Yani.

2 Responses to December 2003 + MSEvents.PH

  1. ramsey ramos says:

    kasabihan mo nga dati diba?

    ang taong nde marunong lumingon sa pinang-galingan, ay panigurado walang logs

  2. pong says:

    oo nga bro hahaha… saglet may kasunod pa yan.. ung sa MS EVENTS. nagkamali ako pindot eh… nag publish tuloy kagad.

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