sold out havs + imax + mangojito

YUP, im all out now. my limited stock of Havaianas Dragon edition is sold out (finally), the last piece, was carlo’s pair. Well, instead of sending the havs to carlo using air21, i ended up meeting with him. its been a boring week so i decided to go. besides, its payday time for carlo, as usual, he’d be dishing out some of his money again hehehe… and he did emoticon (thats what he always do, i know)

Lap 1

first stop was at gerry’s grill. we ordered pork sinigang (it was good, yet so maasim! haha conio), spicy garlic chicken and bagoong rice. it was a heavy meal (for me i guess), i ordered another plain rice. the bill isnt that bad even with the tax. not like the one we had last tech tour at the stars and stripes – talk about gourmet meal at 400.xx just for me.

Lap 2

It wasnt in the plan, to watch superman imax emoticon, We just went in to inqure, i remember 2 weeks ago that there is no chance of seeing superman return in imax with the usual walk-in basis, u have to have a reservation first.

Luckily, now u can. As long as u can dish out more bucks than the usual 80-120 peso ticket. Php 350 that is. We got the 8:00 spot.

Lap 3
Export Bank, (west services), no pics sorry hehe…
Carlo has some business with his friend keysi ( We were suppose to go to team manila’s store at ecoville after that but it was too late for us so we just went back to mall of asia again, for our first IMAX Experience 😛

Lap 4

That was a shot at the IMAX Coca Cola Chill lounge. 7:45pm.

We picked the seats F22 and F23… the middle part. That was me trying off the 3d Glass. as u can see, carlo’s amused with the 8 storey  white screen hehe…

Well for the movie, it was a good one. i encourage you to watch superman returns, be it imax experience or not. i wont say much about the movie dont worry, just get ur butts up and watch it. i like what he (superman) uttered at the end part… he sounded like me 😛 – "I am always around"

Oh and for the experience ? (dont blame me if i spoil what u are suppose to experience soon when u try imax)
a) just before u enter the cinema, theyll hand u a pair of 3d Glasses.
b) there are ushers around, twiced we got assisted – "what seat sir?" F23! F22!
c) a very nice lady voice will speak saying "please wear your 3d glass during the trailer, ud experience a unique blah blah blah…" and u will. i really like the default demo of imax. ull see as if a big ring (like the one saturn have) is just passing by – in-your-face.

oh the trailer, i like the T-REX one. the dinasaur – again is like in front of you.. yeah for real hehehe…

i almost forgot, superman isnt  full-length-3d-experience.  the lady voice said that actually. only 4 segments has 3d experience. ull know when to wear the glasses coz theres this green icon flashing at the big screen. it means wear ur glass. a red "remove-it-u-dumb-ass" icon flashes when u have to remove it hehe…

Again, my first IMAX experience was worth it. OH YEAH! dont forget the i-forgot-how-many-watts sound experience too! (guys ull feel it on ur seats!)

thats my pair of 3d glass just before i return it.

Lap 5
We just had a couple of taco snacks at Wendy’s then brought it to Mojito bay.

that was before the big shower! hahaha… it did rain hard… really hard! we got stranded  and we had to move INSIDE the bar that is – 2% BUILT! yeah!  Mojito Bay is still under rigid construction. We were treated with care, as always 😛 Our friend hazel wasnt around, but the new girl was nice. joanne was her name 😉

Lap 6. Finally.

Starbucks Bluewave. Stayed for a while as we really are being held stranded by the rain.

i took a cab from bluewave to sm bacoor. paid Php 150 (for your future reference). got home at 3 and started blogging this hehe… i hope u learned something! (what the hell are u gonna get with this anyway ? ) oh yeah… here : "Life is short, do what makes you happy!"