Here, a page to settle all those audio bits I and you’ve been longing to hear.

for some, my playlist may not be your on your triplist, well then im sorry.. remember, you can not please everybody 😛

(and yeah, i do have most of this tracks on my white 256mb creative muvo tx fm)

all for now, enjoy!

Disclaimer: These audio files are taken from my original cds (and are intentionally compressed in low fidelity or poor quality format) Whats posted here are for my personal hearing purposes. You may listen to it and if u do like them, go get thier ORIGINAL cds!

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  1. poell says:

    guys, id be updating this entry from time to time. pinalitan ko na ung title to “tracks” pero ung original blog ko, iniwan ko 😛

    greets to vj’s ps batchmates 😉
    VJ: oi pong, maglagay ka nga maraming mp3 sa blog mo
    P_O_E_L_L: baket?
    P_O_E_L_L: haha
    P_O_E_L_L: sa blog ?
    P_O_E_L_L: :)
    VJ: kasi yung site mo, naaaccess sa office
    VJ: yung iba hindi pede
    VJl: :)
    VJ: restricted
    P_O_E_L_L: hahahaha
    VJ: kaya yung mp3 sa blog mo pinakinggan naming buong batch
    P_O_E_L_L: ano firewall dun ?
    P_O_E_L_L: ahhhhhhhhh
    VJ: hindi ko alam e
    P_O_E_L_L: :)
    P_O_E_L_L: anong site ung na-aaccess nyo ?
    P_O_E_L_L: ?
    VJ: oo yan
    VJ: basta site mo

    hahahaha, i was a bit “flattered” when some of my long lost buds visits my blog (unknowingly)
    not till now that she mentiond that i have some regular visitor from her batchmate sa PS, kasi daw most sites are blocked, and luckily, mine is not :))

    eto, enjoy more of my tracks (this playlist is from my friendster), id be adding more new of my faves kapag di na ko busy. GUYS GET A HOSTING FROM ME at AFTER THIS !!!

  2. VeeJei says:

    oi pong.. wahehehe! success ito.. hahaha!!!

  3. VeeJei says:

    taena pong!!!!!!!! thank you dun sa site… pede!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!

  4. poell says:

    hehehe youre welcome 😛

    may error ung c*, use mo ung instead 😉

  5. VeeJei says:

    Ayi: wahhh ang gaganda ng sounds nya!!!! at ang gaganda ng havainas hehehe thank you ke nestlepoell hehehehe astig sounds nya!!!

    o dami ng fans ha! :> city grill ito. mwahahahahaha!!! >:)

  6. ayi says:

    hey, thanks for adding new songs, super helpful smen here ni veejei, thanks tlga!!!

  7. poell says:

    yehey 😛 dami ng visitors…

    pwede kayo request! hahahaha

  8. ayi says:

    hehehe pwd tlga? nde nga? hehehehe! joke! pero thanks tlga for adding up more songs!!

  9. VeeJei says:

    oi dagdag pa songs ha! :>

  10. poell says:

    youre welcome ayi 🙂 i added u sa friendster ko hehehe

    @vj : uu anong song ?

  11. VeeJei says:

    yung mga bago ngayon.. OPM 😀

  12. VeeJei says:

    ^ gawa ka ganyan pong.. puro mp3 lang. hahaha!!! 😀

  13. poell says:

    ayos 😀 geh pag may time! dami ako mp3, ala time mag upload hahaha

  14. poell says:

    new tracks added 🙂
    Only Love - Trademark
    Pwede ba
    Sugarfree - Tulog Na
    Jed Madela - I Believe In You
    241(my favorite song)
    Angela Bofill - You Should Know By Now
    Same Same - Love Isn't
    MYMP - You Got It All
    OPM - Rocksteddy feat. Aia De Leon - Smile At Me
    mymp - peng you
    Gary Valenciano Wait Forever
    6 Cycle Mind - Sandalan

    ung only love nakaka adik!

  15. VeeJei says:

    yeh! >:) soundtrip muna habang walang files.. hehe! salamat! 😀 city grill!!!

  16. poell says:

    odette! nananawagan kame… city grill naman jan… friday ngayon oh

  17. grace_ps says:

    hi..cnong nagdownload nung mga songs?galing naman…similar kami ng mga song preferences….

  18. grace_ps says:

    hi..cnong nagdownload nung mga songs?galing naman…most of the songs are my personal favorites..sana coming days more songs pa…

  19. grace_ps says:

    sana download rin kayo song ni fantasia yung I believe and we belong ni toni gonzaga

  20. poell says:

    ellow grace, glad to hear that we share the same song preference 🙂
    ill be uploading your song these coming days so keep posted!

  21. VeeJei says:

    ate grace!!! >:D dapat may sarili ng webpage tong mp3s mo.. wahehehe!

    city grill! >:)

  22. VeeJei says:

    pong, ndi na ulit nagana ung site… 🙁 Cannot be displayed daw… wala na ulit access to other sites.. huhuhu!

  23. poell says:

  24. NoeY says:

    hey…you’re site is cool….love your havs!

    i like the song pwede ba…sugarfree ba kumanta nun?

    add k p daming songs….hehehe


  25. ramsey ramos says:

    pare may original cd ka nyan? :p

  26. tramadol says:

    Thanks for you site!

  27. poell says:

    added 3 tracks…

    1 Beyonce - Irreplaceable
    2 Irreplaceable (Spanish Version)
    3 Boy Truth - Irreplaceable Male Version

  28. Catalina says:

    Good Songs! Bien Musica

  29. joyce ira says:

    nice songs, though!!! can i make a request??? simply jesse, puede po ba?

  30. poell says:

    new additions :

    1 6Cyclemind - Princesa
    2 Six Part Invention - All This Time
    3 Sana Maulit Muli - Gary V.
    4 Maging Sino Ka Man - Erik Santos

    5 Simple Jesse

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