When God closes the door, he opens the window.

and he really did for me, and to some of my best buds around – jeff and jean.

indeed things isnt easy for us to talk about that march dilemma we use to have. for jean and me, the sudden adrenaline rush due to the frustration of not being able to "march" on stage for some such reason.

its not that simple. di ganun kadali. talk about as if your future ended in an instant. the pressure with your parents. the guilts and the likes.

And thank you Lord – its true that when we’re down, try looking up.

For a week or 2, indeed things isnt the same hehe, sobrang KAKAIBA, MAHIRAP sa una. but after that ? GEEEEEEEEZ, Somebody must have left the WINDOWS open.

riot, jean, jeff , beth and I are into a different yet, TYPICAL and PRACTICAL venture in life. Live life simple, and survive 🙂

ok, lets cut the drama hehe, i would just love to blurrt out our feeling with this graduate vs undergraduate thing. and i would also like to EMPHASIZE that today, diploma may be a requirment. but its your damn skills that is really necessary. di kailangan ng matalino, ang kailanga n maabilidad at mautak.

see for yourself. head on to makati, talk to a "foreign" company president. bid with the general manager. defend yourself. now wheres "role" of your hard earned diploma. NONE. well literraly though. ITS NOT ESSENTIAL for today to "level up" a bit than the usuals. (matalino kayo and you know what im saying)


ok here’s the real blog (and jeff i know eto ung gusto mo hehehe) MarchPics(044).jpg








thats jeff with his share right after we broke into a bank at the back of megamall.





and thats me with my share.

ok ok  ok, the bank thing was just a joke ofcourse hehehe

its our "hard-earned" money after partially getting a chunk of payment from one of our project at ortigas, manila. babalik na si big boss sa states thats why frequent ung project presentation and training namin sa kanya. that was the last for that month of march though. next week, train naman namin yung mga project mgrs. nila.

the company’s name is ids (international design services, inc). a damn so-good and a top class steel detailing company. the project site is www.ids-inc.net for your reference. i tell you – ITS NOT JUST A COMPANY.

anyway back to my blogstory, the money didnt slip out of our wallet that easy. like jeff, big chunk of jeff’s share will be given to his mom. some for our BIR taxes. and the other cuts? for my retake subjects this coming sem hehehehehe. yeah, i didnt graduate for some reason.

and thats what i did, di ko hinayaang masira loob ko with just that failure. instead, i took it as a challenge. i promised my self that this summer, im gonna prove something good. and i think working hard and saving for your school tuition is BIG enuff to prove that NDE AKO basta-basta nagpapatalo

ok back to the money. ung perang un, ubos na. ni-treat namin ang aming mga magulang at kapatid sa magagandang resto. so if you plan to kidnap us guys… then just come on knocking at our doorstep. FOR REAL. hehehe

pero ako, bago maubos ung pera, i got my self first a pair of havianas’ flipflops 🙂

ok! last line na, pagod na me eh. infact i only had a couple of sleeping hours last night. 3 hours i think. just mind you guys: di ko intented mag boast or mag mayabang sa post na to. instead gusto ko kayo i-inspire that you could really help yourself and your parents just with your SKILLS. again, di niyo need maging cumlaudes or whatever para magkaron ng magandang buhay. u know what u really need ? FAITH.

Wag kayo mawalan ng hope. and as this blog title says, when God Closes the door – indeed he opens the window.

keep on prayin’ 🙂 he never stops listening emoticon

God Bless!