happy birthday yek!

(repost from my cm blog)


amp kasi! ang haba nung blog ko biglang nawala, eto ulet… medio stressing ung week kasi nirush ko ung sa IDS… well anyway, sa wakas, na meet ko na rin ung mga core people ng IDS ( www.ids-inc.net ) yebah! si tom at si corby at ung tess. GRABE! parang defense 😐 pero tunay na panel 😀 nde to ung kagaya sa school, ung mga bayarang panel, eto tunay… english kung english. kasi si tom kano amp! anyway, i could proudly say na kahit nde pa kami nakakagraduate nila jeff and jean, we’re levelling up as we meet key people of top companies. we use to "Defend" some system sa school with teachers and some high-paid techy people. just like yesterday, we were talking to Sir TOM (Thomas Vossmeyer), President of IDS ., Corby, General Manager, IDS Phil., and Maam Tess, Administrative officer. see ? these are not ordinary people you use to see everyday 😉 anyway, the meeting turned out to be good (well for me) kasi na clear ung mga revisions and additions sa project. after the meeting,jeff had to go to Libertad. Dun sa bestfriend-60+year-old-client nia hehehe si Ting of http://geckotradingphil.com . then  jean and i headed to powerbooks, greenbelt got the chance to browse some design books. asteeg ung stadium design na libro, ang laki hehehe pang dalawang tao amp! ako may hawak si jean taga buklat 😀 dun kami nag stay while wating for jeff. we were reading some tech references and books too. si jean dreamweaver ung hawak, ako ung writing professional resume for technical careers. gusto ko bilhin un nga lang la me dalang money amf… anyway, before we left powerbooks, we took a while to play with the kiosk. ung hinanap kong book ni kevit mitnick  available sa pinas, sa sm megamall daw pero wala ng stock. di din namin pinalampas ung malaking book about history of computers. natutunan ko dun was ung sa hewlett packard. (bill hewlett and david packard) it would have been "packard-hewlett" kung nanalo sa tosscoin si david. si jeff wla pa, so we headed to music1. nag soundtrip. ung isang babae ang tagal tagal dun sa music sampler na touch screen. to naman si jeff kanina pa daw nasa powerbooks, mga 15 minutes na. di kami matext kasi wlang load hehe so un, we stayed for a while sa greenbelt para pag usapan ung project sa ids and talk about tinyfractal. we ate at tapa king then headed home 🙂 i got home at 11pm. walang kuryente 😐 i was awake and yeyek was texting na nandun daw cla sa golden gate and sabi niya sana nandun daw ako (weeeeeee soon baby, soon :D) ang sweet hihi anyway its yeyek’s birthday 🙂 and that was the first thing i did this morning. got off early, emailed her. and matulog ulet hehe i also loaded up my fone at bpi.com.ph para i text si yeki 😀 THATS IT! its a big day today, got lots of work to do… till then, God Bless everyone !!! love you yek!    

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