God Bless 12dp

I am fully aware of what’s going on with 12dp and that i myself have been one of its user for quite some time and FULLY aware of it’s risk. However, id like to extend my personal comment that MEDIA, PLEASE DO NOT SENSATIONALIZE YOUR NEWS.

A blatant example of which is THE DEAN’S reaction to 12dp. i ask, is this dean a member ? or just an example of ignorance that comes to life? 

Now, I could truly comment now that it is indeed true that THE GREATEST IGNORANCE IS TO REJECT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. There is nothing wrong with 12dp, ITS WITH YOUR UNIVERSITY STUDENT that has.

12DP has been around for some months and has truly given financial aid to us, especially us, STUDENTS.  Not only that. My part time webhosting business indeed increased its revenue because of the UNIQUE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY 12dailypro has serviced me.

I BELIEVE THAT 12DAILY PRO will prevail to whatever chaos and dilemma the program has been undergoing thru. We, the Filipino Community extends our prayers’ and support to the program. Godspeed 12dailypro.