Internet affair: Pregnant chatmate faces expulsion, no bail for the suspect.

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A PRETTY 20-year-old student of a Catholic school, who got pregnant after she was allegedly raped by a chatmate, continues to suffer. She is at a loss on how to hide her delicate condition for fear it will cause her expulsion.

Sandra (real name withheld) , a third year psychology student in one of the most reputable colleges in the country, has already failed to take the mid-term examination the other day because she had to be at the Pasay City Police Station following her chatmate’s arrest.

Her pregnancy will also compromise her on-the-job training scheduled this summer.

Worse yet is the harsh realization that she will have an unwanted child.

The alleged father, Mario Cabana, 30, was arrested the other day following the filing by Sandra of rape charges against her chatmate who recently returned after three months in the Middle East.

Now behind bars, Cabana denied raping the coed, saying he did not force her to come with him to the motel. He averred that they both agreed to go to the motel after she willingly met with him in Baclaran.

Cabana, of 161 Valdez St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, was turned over to the Pasay City police after the complainant’s uncle, a soldier, arrested him in an entrapment in front of Volet’s Resort in Dasmariñas, Cavite, at around 6:30 p.m. last Sunday night.

The arrest came after Sandra revealed her ordeal to her widowed mother.

Assistant City Prosecutor Bonifacio Barrera filed the rape charges yesterday, recommending no bail for the suspect.


Now six months pregnant, the coed has confided to friends and a class adviser, but school authorities have not yet to discover the pregnancy because she has managed to hide her belly under the college uniform.

"Pero hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan ko maitatago ito. Once na malaman talaga ng school, siguradong kick out ako," Sandra said, adding she was thankful she has classmates and an adviser who remain supportive.

Sandra cried as she remembered that her mother became supportive the very first time she revealed the matter to her.

"Naawa ako sa mother ko kasi may sarili din siyang problema, tapos ganito pa ang nangyari sa akin," said Sandra, who lost her father when she was 13 years old.

Although she regrets what happened to her, the coed said the Internet is still important and necessary.

"Pero ‘yung chat, non-sense ‘yun. Pasttime lang siguro, puwede, pero ‘di ka dapat ma-hook nang husto," she told People’s Tonight.

The coed also revealed that she knew a lot of friends who had unhappy experiences with Internet chat. "’Yung iba na-i-in-love sa kaka-chat, tapos ‘pag nag-meet pa sila, gagamitin lang pala tapos ‘pag nakuha na ang gusto sa kanila, iiwanan na," Sandra said, as she counted with her fingers the number of friends who ended up with broken hearts because of on-line affairs.

Meanwhile, Sandra is expecting to give birth in May and hoping against hope to make it next school year.


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