Got Paid. AGAIN! weeeeeeeee!

yesterday, at the 12dp forum at , on "I got Paid Section" , they were talking about getting paid on thier December 30 Upgrade Exiparation. SO i said to my self and to my colleages (downlines hehehehe) that our 12/31 Expired Upgrade is expected to come soon.

and just as i expected, early this Morning, I did got my pending payout of $79.20 emoticon



since i havent got the debit card i ordered, im selling my 30$ for 52.85 Exchange rate, i might add it up to buy Alexa my 2nd year anniversary gift this February 9 😀 


2 Responses to Got Paid. AGAIN! weeeeeeeee!

  1. Lloyd says:

    Congrats uli dude! Bawi ka na din. hehehe 😀

  2. poell says:

    yeah.. thanks ulet sayu 😀

    more than 4 of my downlines got paid too 😉

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