A nice surprise just right after i woke up πŸ˜‰ Finally got paid for the first time… after all those ups and downs that i was saying πŸ˜‰

my 88$ would be sitting on my EMO account til such time that 12dp is able to accept EMO payments for upgrade purchase (investment). I might withdraw half of it… buzz me if you are interested to buy my EMO fund, so i wont be selling it to exchangers instead.

Im still expecting another payout of 79$ πŸ™‚

Cheers, Goodluck and God Bless fellow Netrepreneurs!

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  1. Lloyd says:

    Congrats Dude! Buy ko yung $20 na EMO funds. Pareserve na lang kung pwede, pambili ko ng EMO debit card.

  2. poell says:

    yeah thanks to you for bringing me to 12dp πŸ˜‰

  3. jaja says:


  4. Dar says:

    Excuse me… I was doing a run on the net about EMOs and using them here in the Philippines… (Manila) I’ve been wondering about the banks that will accept them. Have you tried printing an EMO and withdrawingfrom a bank with it? If so, which bank accepted it? I’ve yet to find a bank that does. Thanks!

  5. VeeJei says:

    pong, pacanton ka na! :>

    to dar, as of now, hindi pa po applicable ang Printed Money Order ng EMO here in the Philppines. maybe, what you can do is to try transferring your money from EMO to E-gold… i haven’t tried it yet (coz i’m still waiting for my payout.. lol) but i think, it’s the only way, sa ngayon. i dunno kung may fee din yun, kasi from E-gold > EMO, theyll charge you $5.. πŸ˜€

  6. poell says:

    actually, nabasa ko sa isang forum… sa PMT (,wala pang bank ang nag aaccept nung printed “emo” money orders…

    since ganun ang sistem satin ngayon, mas nagiging INN ung emo fund trading between emo users / exchangers.

    pero kung “money-out” ung issue.. i suggest you get the debit card which you can use sa mga atm’s all over the world with mastercard and cirrus logo… eto ung presyo nung card :

    a)Card Purchase
    b) shipment
    Domestic Ground Shipment – $8.99
    Domestic 2nd Day Air – $14.49
    Domestic Overnight – $20.49
    Canadian Shipment – $24.99
    International Shipment (Other Than Canada) – $49.95

    fees apply, check nyo na lang ung site ng

    3$ every transaction… and 3$ monthly charge πŸ˜‰

    ok na rin hehe

  7. Anne says:

    hayyy… anu ba lalagay ko here? wahehehe kase as of now, actually as of december i havent get my payout. so i dont know the feeling of being paid ryt now. wahuhuhu! but im still excited for my very first payout sana dumating na sya nang mafeel ko na rin at maintindihan ung mga topic regarding Money Transfer at kung anu-anu pang involve ang money.. wahahahaha… i hope it wont take years… ayokong maiwan dito and waiting for the Disney pictures from NENE and PONG! waaaaaaaaa!!! ahahahaha…

  8. Dar says:

    That’s weird… The reason why I got myself into EMO is because may nagsabi sa akin na tinanggap siya ng Chinabank. That’s the Davao branch, tho. I’ve yet to hear from him again, but it’s been quite a long time.

    I asked BPI and Citystate Savings last night. ‘Di siya tinanggap. I’m going to ask Chinabank today.

    Kung mura lang sana ang Debit Card ng EMO eh…

  9. Lloyd says:

    Dahil siguro considered as an International Bank ang China bank. Yung Citibank at HSBC kaya tumatanggap ng printed EMO since International Bank din sila?

  10. poell says:

    yeah true… hoping for CITIBANK and HSBC din…

    i find the debit card cheap though and convenient kaya nag order na ko… I paid only 24$ kasi sa states ko pinaship (Domestic 2nd Day Air – $14.49) uncle ko na bahala mag padeliver dito sa pinas… im expecting it early February.

    nag worry din ako sa stock ng card kasi ang stormpay nga nag out of stock…

  11. Dar says:

    I don’t trust Stormpay… pinagmamalaki nilang NetIBA certified sila, samantalang sa kabilang kanto lang ang office nun from their own. LOL. Tapos pareho pa ang IP registrant nila.

    Anyway, I’m gonna ask my friend rin from Citibank… I haven’t asked Chinabank yet.

  12. poell says:

    update mo kami just incase pwede nga sa chinabank… magandang pagkakataon un pag nagkataon…

  13. Dar says:

    Haven’t asked Chinabank yet, but here’s a transcript from an email I got from a Davaoueρo who goes through Chinabank to process the EMO:

    “The best way would be to ask your bank (thats what I did the first
    time I used it) It was treated as an International Money order. First
    time there was a bit of a delay (1 day) while they verified it with
    EMO, after which, I think nasanay na sila, they accepted it na and
    usually takes under an hour kung kaunti lang ang tao. Take note,
    gamitin nyo yung secure paper para less chance ng fraud (faster for
    the bank to process too)”

    He’s been using EMO ever since. I just hope Chinabank Manila employees will be as polite tomorrow as their Davao branch counterparts…

  14. poell says:

    hi dar

    if it’s the case, then i suggest getting an emo card or debit card is another solution. same with “Secure Paper”, kasi oorder karin nun.. then order mo na lang ung debit card…

  15. Dar says:

    I think it’s just to make the transaction faster… EMO stated it clearly that their checks don’t necessarily need to be printed on any special paper – any ordinary paper will do.

    I asked Chinabank… they told me they do process International Money Orders, but the client would have to have an account with them. Tapos there’s a 21-day clearing.

    Possible is the answer, kaso I don’t have an account from them, and it’s 21 days (officially). A little PR might make it faster, kaso mahina ako dun πŸ˜›

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