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cisco 4 module 1 lecture

download our lecture here

CCNA 4 v3.1 Module 1 Scaling IP Addresses

zip file is password protected 🙂 ask maam romero for more details…


Got Paid. AGAIN! weeeeeeeee!

yesterday, at the 12dp forum at , on "I got Paid Section" , they were talking about getting paid on thier December 30 Upgrade Exiparation. SO i said to my self and to my colleages (downlines hehehehe) that our 12/31 Expired Upgrade is expected to come soon.

and just as i expected, early this Morning, I did got my pending payout of $79.20 emoticon



since i havent got the debit card i ordered, im selling my 30$ for 52.85 Exchange rate, i might add it up to buy Alexa my 2nd year anniversary gift this February 9 😀 


Broadcaster Ernie Baron, 65

ABS-CBN correspondent Ernie Baron, known for his moniker "the walking encyclopedia," passed away Monday morning at the age of 65, ANC reported.
His attending physician Cesar Berroya said Baron was declared dead on arrival at 9:30 a.m. at Medical Center Muntinlupa.
He said Baron may have died of silent myocardial infection or of diabetes complications.
Baron’s daughter, Shirley, said his father did not answer when called for breakfast on Monday morning. She said she immediately barged into the room and rushed his unconscious father to the hospital.

Baron hosted the program Knowledge Power over radio DZMM and was the weather reporter for ABS-CBN’s primetime news program TV Patrol.


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Pacquiao Knocks Out Morales at Round 10

In a battle of super featherweight superstars, Manny Pacquiao (40-3-1, 31 KOs) knocked out Erik Morales (48-3, 34 KOs) Saturday night at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas. Good two way action in round one from both fighters. Round two was even better. Pacquiao nearly dropped Morales but Morales fought back bravely. Morales got the best of round three with some good flurries. Morales’ jab started to become more of a factor as he was able to move Pacquiao backwards in round four. Morales had the edge again in round five. Pacquiao launched a furious attack in round six leaving Morales staggering back to his corner. Morales tried to take the initiative in round seven, but Pacquiao was now outmuscling Morales. Erik’s nose appeared to be badly broken. The Pacquiao onslaught continued in the eighth although Morales had an effective spurt toward the end of the round. Pacquiao continued stalking Morales in the ninth. Morales’ looked spent. Pacquiao floored Morales twice in the tenth and the fight was stopped.

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A nice surprise just right after i woke up 😉 Finally got paid for the first time… after all those ups and downs that i was saying 😉

my 88$ would be sitting on my EMO account til such time that 12dp is able to accept EMO payments for upgrade purchase (investment). I might withdraw half of it… buzz me if you are interested to buy my EMO fund, so i wont be selling it to exchangers instead.

Im still expecting another payout of 79$ 🙂

Cheers, Goodluck and God Bless fellow Netrepreneurs!