my first pay out


There you go… a screen capture of my first pay out. My first upgrade/investment of $48 just got expired. again here’s the math :

48 x 12% = $5.76 x 12 days = $69.12

but because i was able to convince several people to join and upgrade, i got a commission bonus of $19.44. a total of $88.56.

(88.56 – 48 = 40.56) i earned almost half of my initial $48.00.

40.56 USD or 2149.68 Pesos in just 12 days 🙂

im just waiting for the 7 BUSINESS DAYS (which basically does not include Sat. & Sun. ) for 12dp to transfer my earnings to my e-gold. if by chance that my earnings didnt arrive. well thats where i can say its a damn "SCAM" as what almost all people say 🙂

watch out!