Get Paid To Surf, For Real.

Yup. It says what it really means literally. Get Paid To Surf.

My big thanks to who introduced me 12dailypro. Cia nagturo sakin and nagpaliwanag regarding the mechanics on how to become a dollar earner online 😉

Its been 3 weeks since he introduced me this autosurf program. i would have joined 12dp on the spot pero wala akong puhunan that time. Its just now that i started in… its my 3rd day… and as they say, one way of getting a head, is getting started 😉 i live my life with this quote.

Id like to share my experience with 12dp from the start so much and much of you guys would bop into this too…

Here’s a screen capture of my 12dp account :


A. My 12dp account expiration.

B. My upgrade/investment amount. i dont have enough money thats why i started on 48$ (Almost Php 2600) equivalent to 8 units since 1 unit = $6. I bought a gold to fund my e-gold account. and our very own offers minimal transaction fees. You can also sell them ur e-gold to cash.

C. My "upgrade/investment" expiration. I started Dec. 12. so add up another 12 days and it makes 24. After the 12 day cycle, my investment resets to 0 again. 12dp would transfer my 12 day earnings to my online wallet/payment processor within 5 to 7 days, i preferred e-gold ( because they have minimal fee on both parties. (compared to stormpay). Thereafter, i have the choice to cash out my earnings, or reinvest again.

D. My current earnings. and here’s the math :
i invested $48. and as what 12dp says, you earn 12% of your investment. so 48 x .12 = $5.76 so that’s where my $11.52 Cash balance came from. its my 2nd day and i already credited 60 site credits for the past 2 days.  It only took me around 15 minutes to credit the 30 site credits required daily 😉

E. A graph of my site credits. as i said, 30 site credits is needed everyday.

That’s it! Ill just end this up with a copy/paste from Lloyd’s Netrepreneur page :

his 3 golden rules being a Netrepreneur:
1) “Pullout the capital and play with the profits only
2) “Always remember to control your GREED to avoid disaster
3) “Only invest money that you can afford to lose”.

And lastly : id like to extend my thanks to for giving this such greatful opportunity. If you guys have questions and queries.. just buzz me on my YAHOO dw_poell, drop me a mail at [email protected] or just leave your message here 😉

11 Responses to Get Paid To Surf, For Real.

  1. Paolo says:

    you should also consider writing in all caps that 99% of HYIPs are scams.

  2. poell says:

    i respect your opinion paolo 😉 everybody is entitled to thier own opinion. and now i ask, any concrete proof ? (or just another plain old-pinoy crab mentality value)

    anyway, are you in any HYIP or High Yields Investment Program ? if not try 12dp, 6$ lang minimum investment… not like other HYIP or MLM (multi level marketing) or pyramiding, 12dp doesnt require you to pay HIGH initial investments, requires referrals, sells toothpaste, shampoo and shoes…

    and to add up, seldom i see an autosurf program that is NetIba Certified. 12dp is. (

    there are are indeed tons and tons of scams out there but so far, i dont see 12dp as one of those scam though. not when a reputable person referred me to this. and that reputable person is earning hundred’s of dollars.

    btw, if ever my initial 48$ got scammed, haha i dont care 😉 2600 lang yun… and i could say this in all caps I INVESTED THE MONEY I COULD AFFORD TO LOSE.

    and as my goal of this thread, to let you guys know my experience… share where ive been and where ill be going soon… its my 4th day and ill let you guys keep updated 😉 keep posting!

  3. poell says:

    a 45 pages thread fellow pinoy talking about 12dailypro

    got the chance to see ung mga taong nag “wowoworry” pero wala akong nakitang nag-sourgrape na na-scam sila 😉

  4. Lloyd says:

    Just passing by…. member ka na din pala ng PMT. 🙂 Well Paolo, you have a valid point there but as you said that 99% is scam so what is the 1%? I was paid 11 times already ranging from $130 to $550 so do I still consider this a scam? I think not! What Poell is sharing is a way for earning online. Think of it… most people waste countless hours browsing friendster and with 12dailypro, you just need to around 15 minutes. Just my 2 cents. 😉

  5. melai says:

    uhmmnn totoo ba yan?

  6. Mutual Funds and Market Research…

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…

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