thesis season. pagawa season.

that answers it all why i dont have that day-to-day updates. anyway ill try be atleast diligent after this post 😉

i just got home from manila. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeewww a very very long trip swear. we attended the 16th National JPCS General assembly at the Shangri-La Finest Cuisine. will post some pictures maybe tomorrow 😉

greets to my uncle, tita & cousins whois in hawaii — all the way! haha… peace and love guys! we miss you so much…

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  1. t.sheila says:

    busy,busy you…. go ahead make more money while your young…holla at yah too !!!!from – pearl city, hawaii… we miss you guys too…who wants dornets????… hehehe

  2. awww hopefully may malaro ng counterstrike mga insan mo sa hawaii ahihihi miss them alot kaagad ahihihi more power Poell and hopefully will be active nxt month

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