just as i posted on my early thread – ill be back, with my new pc 🙂

august 8 – it was monday, i got my check from one of my biggest project so far. the same day, i get to buy my  "power pc". well, power pc to my own standard of course. ive been using a not-so-bad-and-not-so-good pc for quite some time.

all this time ive been using and exploiting "babyblue" – my old workstation. pentium 3, 550 mhz, 40mb hd, 384mb memory and 32mb video card and a 14 inch monitor. , no cd, no sounds. 😐

and finally, HAVAIANA’s here. my very own pc. as in my own. i prayed for this, planned for this. ive worked hard for this. and now its real. bigger and better than my previous buddy babyblue. pentium 4, 2.66mhz, 80gig hard drive, 256mb video card, 512mb mem, and huge 19inch samsung monitor. cool huh ?

all in all it hit around Php 32,000.xx. Im on cost cutting actually coz still have to buy something for my self like shirts and stuffs.

that’s havaiana, named after my tita sheila and yeyek’s wanted-so-bad flip flops emoticon

and lastly, id like to thank my uncle amer of cnhs 1975 for giving me the biggest project ive ever had. God Bless!