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jaja update …

Guess who…

guess who ?


JPCS Teambuilding

JPCS Team Building, Hardin ng Postema, Tanza Cavite

Click the picture for more fone pictures.

Im currently using Flickr WP Integrated Image Gallery and im thinking of using CPG instead, my free flickr account limits me to have at most 3 category. Anyway, enjoy the pics 😉

What’s a google?

"Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was popularized in the book, "Mathematics and the Imagination" by Kasner and James Newman. Google’s play on the term reflects the company’s mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.

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did you know that yahoo stands for "YET ANOTHER HEIRARCHICAL OFFICIOUS ORACLE" ?

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