adobe cs2 launch + an update. finally.

adobe cs2 launch

finally an update and the pix are here hehe (click on the picture or head on to my gallery page)

original pix are in hi resolution (around 1.xx MB each) – thats the reason why im kinda sluggish to upload the files.

but not till i managed to use adobe’s batchfile processing. optimized to 640 x 480 dpi with smaller filesize, used flickr drag-and-drop thingee. wallah… 84 new pix within 10 minutes available online 😀 (flickr is good. but limits upto 3 sets if youre using thier free account 😐 )

yan muna, i still am busy – now im reviewing for my prelim exam. i have exams on ai, cisco, and economics tomorrow.

and to my close linkies (most are fans hehe) here’s short message:

jaja : asl please ? ( kaw na lang walang .com)
carlo : upload ko na yung freebies ko bukas ? mirror ko rin sa dragweb ?
japong : 2nd payment na!!!
harvey : hehehe onesome twosome threesome 

hehehe peace out guys!

oh almost forgot :
pw : ta*na guys we rock!