very busy…

yeah i am. emoticon

for the past 3 days, daytime was a heck. quizzes, homeworks, sunod sunod. but not till wednesday (yesterday) when school load wasn’t that much.

and during night ? oh well 😐 much worst. one minute youre doing c++, and the other hour your doing JAVA. and to rest ? … photoshop.  next hour im doing asp, and php. kakabaliwemoticon

currently, im busy doin’ WordPress modification & page template for my online portfolio… i dont know what is it with July. Queries and Quotation request are here left and right emoticon. anyway, as what jeff and i call this – "blessings", be it closed or pending transaction – salamats.

till then, BRB.

11 Responses to very busy…

  1. jaja says:

    adik ka kase

  2. poell says:

    nde naman ako nakain ng diode kagaya mo.

  3. jaja says:

    microchips kasi kinakain mo

  4. poell says:

    as if 😐 eh ikaw nga diode engineer 8-}

  5. Carlo says:

    bwahaha.. tumigil nga kau dian. Pareho lang kau! hahaha.. oist pong… 😛

  6. poell says:

    yoko na jaja. baka barilin mo pako. ayoko ma-alpha headshot 😐

  7. jaja says:

    at ayoko rin maging emotator 😐

  8. Shari says:

    Hehe wawa..Yaka mo yan 🙂

  9. Dandy says:

    grabe, super busy nga! hehehe. schooling ka pa ba? tapos working din? nakupo, super busy nga. basta time management lang ang technique dyan. ganyan din ginawa ko dati eh, full-time job, tapos full-time school…..muntik na akong maloko!!! hehehe. pero pagkatapos ng lahat, worth it naman. 🙂 goodluck sa lahat pre!

  10. poell says:

    hehe thanks shari & dandy… watch out for my update 🙂

  11. tranny dick…

    tranny gangbang…

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