full of shit.

this story did struck a nerve on my biological-comical neurons as one of my fine professor story tell this short tale. a damn fine analogy of how our government is.

(a fictional conversation/story of a dad and a 2 year old smart kid)
dad: son, i see the future in you.
son : why is it so dad ?
dad : my son, a family is like our goverment. just like me, i am the father, and i preside over and makes most decision – just like the president.
son : (oh, a fine example)
dad : your mom, plays the role of the ‘economy’… finances our savings and budgets our daily expenses.
son : (absorbs)
dad : and yaya… she represents the people of the country. works hard for the ‘family’ (government) and she gets paid.
son : now i see the big picture…thanks dad…

and one day, the 2 year old kid on his diaper – has one big prob – Uncontrolled, loose, and frequent bowel movement.

He then knocks at his mom’s room – frustated to see as her mother is deep asleep. No choice but to knock on yaya’s – shocked. as he saw his dad over his yaya.

no one to turn to, and no one to help him out. and beyond his control – it all happened, as the byproduct of digestion splat-out of his tight diaper.

after a few speechless seconds. he then commented :

The hell with this country. The ECONOMY is SLEEPING, the PRESIDENT is F*CKING the people. (then slowly looks back to his ass) and the FUTURE ? is FULL OF SHIT!