What hurts?

1. Letting go of a person you’ve learned and decided to love.
2. Reminiscing the good and bad times you shared together.
3. Shielding your heart to love somebody.
4. Trying to hide what you really feel.
5. Trying to hide the tears that involuntarily fall from your eyes.
6. Loving a person too much.
7. Giving up someone you never thought of giving up.
8. Having the right love at the wrong time.
9. Taking the risk to fall in love again.
10. Hiding your relationship from someone else.
11. Controlling your feelings to avoid hurting a friend.
12. Thinking of him/her every waking and sleeping moment knowing all the while that he/she never even thinks a single thought of you.
13. Letting go, because everytime you see the person, you only fall deeper.
14. Holding back only to find out when it’s too late, you both felt the same way, but were only scared to lose each other so much that you didn’t let the feelings out.
15. Falling in love with someone you didn’t mean to fall in love with.
16. Finding the perfect girl/man – with only one problem – he/she doesnt love you.
17. Helping the one you love “make ligaw” to your friend.
18. Seeing the one you love crying for someone else.
19. The waiting also hurts like hell.
20. Having to hear “… I’ve met someone”.
21. Agreeing to his/her wish to “just be friends”.
22. Asking him/her freedom back coz “he/she’d be happier with him/her”.
23. Asking you to “forget that everything happened” and be “normal” friends again.
24. Hearing that you’re treated as a brother/sister (ouch!).
25. Sharing his/her future plans for the guy/gal with you.
26. You stopped being friends coz his/her bf/gf asked him/her to.
27. Being denied in front of people.
28. Telling you lies where he/she’d been when actually, he/she was with a “new friend” or an “old flame”.
29. He/she told you he/she’d be leaving you to return to his/her ex (the one he/she left for you!).
30. Breaking someone’s heart.
31. Fighting for that one thing that would make you happy.
32. That is, holding on to a person who can not guarantee you his/her commitment unless he/she fix him/herself – then, you are left hanging for the moment – then he/she says, time will tell…ang labo lang niya…but you still decided to hope in him/her and trust him/her.
33. PRETENDING you’re OK when inside you’re dying.
34. PRETENDING to be strong and RECOGNIZING your weakness lying in bed each night, thinking of that special person you can never have.
35. Being with someone you can’t actually love.
36. Pretending you don’t love a person whom you actually love.
37. Being in love.
38. Letting go even if you really don’t want to, having no right to say you are hurting because it was your decision.
39. Seeing the person you love hurt because of you and not being able to help that person.
40. Having the courage to say I LOVE YOU to the person you love and finding out afterwards that things will never be the same again when he doesn’t treat you with the same closeness as before.
41. Having to face the fact that someone is capable of completely destroying the wall that you built for yourself, leaving you weak and vulnerable.
42. Admitting that you love someone despite her imperfections.
43. Finding out that the more you try to hate him/her, the more you end up loving him/her, perhaps even more than before.
44. Realizing how stupid your mistakes were that led to your break-up.
45. The thought that this boy/girl, used to really love you and you
loved him/her as well so you didn’t give enough and he/she gave up on you.
46. Sharing the one you love with SOMEBODY else.
47. Making a promise and realizing that when the time has come for that promise to be delivered, the commitment is no longer there.
48. The hardest thing about love – believing it exists.

30 Responses to What hurts?

  1. amf nman yung number 33 patama tlaga sa akin yan nyahahaha oi pong san mo nakuha yan?”

  2. […] I tried to make fun after but i was deep sad inside because she have to leave Talk about WH33 […]

  3. zettskie says:

    pusang gala… wala ako masabe :'( kalungkot pero 22o..

  4. rhomalhynne says:

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  15. Dutch says:

    What the author said could be found in the daily life.Love affaire is difficult to deal with.Who can say he/she knows the truth of love? 🙂

  16. Tina says:

    😳 It seems that I have hurt my boyfriend casually for a longtime. I can’t help hurting him just because of carelessness.

  17. Flora says:

    Some of them will be good. But I believe we do not let go of our loved person. Love is so immaculate. Falling in love with a person who we did not mean to love is completely right because love can not be forseen! In a word, confronting with anything with a wide loving heart, nobody will be hurt!

  18. honesly it is my favourite post . I really love something about love or emotional things. that’s interesting.

  19. Jess Holroyd says:

    I have never thought it so deeply.It is insightful.

  20. Thanks.I am encouraged by your post.

  21. Irene Savoia says:

    I am always hurt by my complicated relationship with my boy friend.But now I find that nobody is wrong.

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  23. the lines mentioned above no doubt have the truth of life and that really hurts but i truly believe that if we get better in our life and be nice to others than i think all is well at the end

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